Pointe Shoe Fitting

To book an appointment call us at 407-418-1275, or use our Contact Me form below with a day and time frame so we can contact you with an adequate day/time available. Please allow 24 hours for a response when using the form. For faster service, give us a call and we can schedule your appointment in a timely manner.

Allow anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour for the process, as it is important for a proper fit. We will analyze and educate, giving you the information needed to begin your beautiful journey en pointe!

Pointe Shoe Brands Available / Not currently sold online
Call 407 418 1275 for In Stock Availability and to Order

Bloch Hannah
Bloch European Balance
Bloch Heritage
Bloch B Morph
Bloch Amelie/Protege (Clearance)
Bloch Jetstream (Clearance)
Bloch Grace
Bloch EuroStretch
Bloch AxiStretch
Bloch Elegance
Bloch Superlative
Bloch Synthesis
Mirella Whisper Satin
Mirella Advanced (Clearance)
Mirella Acadamie (Clearance)
Mirella Prefessional (Clearance)
Capezio Demi Pointe
Capezio Kylie
Capezio Donetella #2 and #3 Shank
Capezio Ava
Capezio Developpe #3 and #5.5 Shank
Capezio Cambre Tapered #3 and #4 Shank
Capezio Cambre Broad #3 and #4 Shank
Capezio Phoenix (Coming in January)
Capezio Tiffany (Clearance)
Capezio Tiffany Pro (Clearance)
Capezio Studio Pro (Clearance)
Russian Pointe Brava
Russian Pointe Encore
Russian Pointe Luminia
Russian Pointe Muse
Russian Pointe Rubin
Russian Pointe Rubin Radiance
Russian Pointe Safir
Russian Pointe Almaz
Suffolk Solo
Suffolk Solo Prequel
Suffolk Spotlight
Suffolk Stellar
Gaynor Minden Classic
Gaynor Minden Sculpted
Gaynor Minden Sleek
Grishko Pro
Grishko Pro Flex
Grishko Nova
Grishko Triumph
Freed Classic DV
Freed Classic Pro
Chacott Veronese II
Chacott Veronese III